Over the weekend Matt and I decided to take a little trip down the East Coast of the South Island to Kakanui and Moeraki. On the way down to Kakanui we stopped off at a little bay to take photos of the cliffs and to go for a walk on the beach. To our utter surprise we saw a huge bull New Zealand Fur Seal. He was happily covering himself in the cool sand for about 15 minutes before he wandered down to the sea to have a bit of a swim around. He was easily the biggest seal I have ever seen, and I really enjoyed watching him swim around in the ocean, as this is not something I have seen before.


After this we had a glorious picnic at Kakanui Beach before stopping by to some family friends of my boyfriends. They advised that we should travel down to Katiki Point to see the lighthouse near Moeraki and that there was a seal colony there as well as some Yellow-Crested Penguins. Intrigued we headed down to Katiki Point, and after hearing from a couple of others that there were ‘millions of seals’ our expectations were raised. There was in fact easily one hundred seals and we had a lot of fun watching them swim under the water, play and fight on the rocks and just laze around in the sun and dirt.

After that Matt and I decided to stop off in the township of Moeraki for dinner. We stumbled across a wonderful restaurant called Fleurs. It had a wonderful rustic, antiquey sort of beach feel to it with a lot of outdoor and indoor seating. We ordered a delicious seafood platter that had squid, octopus, river eel, blue cod, salmon, tarakihi and a large bowl of mussels, cockles and scallops. There were a few other fish on the platter that I cannot remember the names of due to how many there were!




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