One day at a time


So with each new year I do start up a few new projects. I thought I would give you a brief glimpse into what I am hoping to achieve this year. For most of these projects I am still trying to develop an idea of what I want it to look like through pinterest.

Project One: Heart photo wall of Perth

I used to have a whole bunch of inspirational quote images above my bed in 2015 but wanted to change that this year to photos from my Perth trip. For my first project I haven’t really started this, all I have done at this stage is sort the photos on my phone.


Project Two: Designing an office space

Over the last 6 months I have acquired a lot of crafting items and fancy pens etc which are starting to overtake my closet shelving. As this is getting out of control I have been looking into setting up a proper desk and crafting space. For this I just need a bit more shelving and then it will be mostly how I want it to be.


This is my current desk setup:


Project Three: Design a makeup organisation system

Recently I have purchased some makeup brushes (which I have no idea how to use) and a few more makeup products. At this stage I am mostly at the sketching stage. Below is a picture of what I currently have (which I do like), but I want the area a bit more colour coordinated and all on a tray so it won’t damage the furniture I am looking into buying.


Project Four: Colour in picture panel

As part of a Health and Wellbeing course I attended at work last year we got copies of  A3 colouring in pages. I took a few home and am in the process of colouring them in to adorn this wall panel between my closet and door. Otherwise it is just empty white space, which lets be honest is not very exciting.


Project Five: Perth Journey Planner

While I went to Perth in December/January I still have a lot to do to finish this off. I have two days off work this week, so I am hoping this means I will finally get this finished, and get all the photos on here. This is easily the biggest scrapbooking project I have undertaken and has been a heap of fun!


Project Six: Matt and Lana Scrapbook

Matt and I go on a lot of picnics and little excursions around the place. Matt mentioned off hand one day that it would be cool to document all of this. He was thinking more of a written journal, but of course I ran with the idea and thought picture scrapbook! I have bought the book to put all this into, but am really at the pre-ideas stage for this.

Project Seven: Organise cookbooks and recipes

For my birthday a few years ago I got Allyson Gofton’s Recipe Journal. I really want to try out quite a few of the recipes I have printed off over the last little while and write the good ones into this journal. Want to see if I can get it all filled up this year. Also need to organise all my recipe books, and find some new recipes for new inspiration.


Project Eight: Computer files for papercraft

Pinterest is a wealth of information for templates, quotes and designs that can be incorporated into planners, used as inspiration for your own designs and used to make life more pretty. I want to create a computer filing system to organise all the templates and pictures I have downloaded.

So a bit to accomplish this year, but at least it will keep me busy!



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