From the store


By now, mostly everyone should have been bombarded on their facebook profiles by marketing for specific watch brands such as Rosefield. While I don’t have a problem with marketing, despite having an Adblocker installed on my personal laptop, seeing beautiful watches being on sale everyday is just a bit too much for me. I desperately want a new watch, but as I have just forked out for a nice, new 100% leather wallet this dream is going to have to wait.

As I have only been spammed by the one watch brand, I thought I would share some of my friends watches with you.


Kim: She bought a watch from a store in town (Timaru), and peering at it through the shop store window it appeared to be everything she wanted. This watch is very nice with a polished black leather band look despite being made from synthetic materials. It has an easy-to-read watch face with the traditional use of numbers. What she didn’t realise when purchasing it was that the minute and hour hands were blue, which does not really match the style of the watch. Regardless, this watch does it’s job and does look very nice.

Courtney: She bought her watch online from Foxleigh and it is both beautiful and suits her style of dress. It has a brown leather wristband and a marked face. I quite like watches that don’t have the numbers written on them, but it does make it harder to read if you are in a hurry. I do really like the matte leather finish. A benefit of a watch with this colouring would be that it would match a lot of accessories such as bags, boots and jewellery.

Sally: She purchased her watch from Bering. It has a rich dark brown background to the watch face, with silver dots for the hour marks around the clock face. I really like the use of dots, rather than the typical flick marks you would get. The band is made of a tight metal weave and gives this watch a completely different look to the other two. I really like the dark palette of this watch as it will really go with anything that you wear.



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