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I have been quite looking forward to decorating April within my planner, mainly because of Easter and the fun themes I dreamt up to do with bunnies, eggs and pastel colours. It worked out that I was so flat out through the month of March that I didn’t end up having time to really bring all these ideas into my planner.

I have changed things around at the start of my planner, and re-introduced some of the original materials I got with the planner in December 2015. I needed to add something back in as this dashboard was getting a bit plain and boring. I like the Kikki K Today List as it really helps nut out your priorities. I’ve decided to use this as a reminder of the things I enjoy, and am thankful for.


My month planner pages had a similar theme this month to what I did in January, using patterned paper in random day boxes to add colour and fun to the planner pages. To accentuate this I used some decorative papers I bought from a cheap paper store and some stickers from the latest Kikki K collection, We Are All Creative. I have added in some other quote cards as well as a new page bookmark. On the front I have listed various work tasks that I really want to accomplish this month that have been on my mind for a while. Hopefully the reminder will help encourage me to actually accomplish these few things. On the back are some spare gift tags and a quote that I will be able to use should I need more tags through the month of April in my planner sections.


Last month I removed my Habits Tracker as I barely used it but I ended up re-introducing it for April. I want to eventually drink less coffee, and more water and tea but I am so far from that goal, so this months Habit Tracker is all about nutrition! As usual for my month dividers I added some quote cards, and this month I decided to keep it simple and print off a quote I found from Brewed Together. This quote can be easily saved to your desktop from their website, and has a very touching reason behind their design of this beautiful watercolour quote. I have added a Kikki K pocket into my planner for this month as it will be a good way to store extra gift tags that I use or change throughout the month.


I added in a couple of extra quote pages for the month of April, mainly as I found a cute Easter one and wanted to use the Monthly Goals page that Pink Bows and Twinkle Toes released a few weeks ago. Short and simple, with just some scrapbooking paper to liven things up, these sorts of pages make my day to day planner a whole lot more creative. I decorated the Monthly Goals page with some washi tape to match it into other parts of my week by week section.


The first week of April actually worked out to be the same planner pages as the last week of March, which meant I had actually already completed some pages before I sat down to design this month. The second week of April is my favourite week layout for this month. As you are aware I recently purchased the Oh So Sweet Kikki K Sticky Notes. I basically designed this week around these post its. The green globe washi tape I have suits it perfectly, and this week gives my planner a refreshing spring feel despite the fact that in New Zealand we are heading into winter at this time of year. I have kept the list format for my weekly meals as this is something we HAVE to do every Sunday so we are on top of life and nutrition for the week.


The next weeks layout focused around some planner printables that I downloaded off Planner Addiction. I had a lot of materials left over from the week layout I used these for in March, so decided I would use them in my planner for April. The printables are so easy to write over, and there are heaps of different colour themes available, which makes for a lot of inspiration and options.


The following week I really wanted to use the April Planner Printable from Pink Bows and Twinkle Toes. The layout is not made for Kikki K Planners, but it still fun to see what you can do to make it work. The bright purple makes this theme fun, and when I get to that week in my planner I may try add some stickers depending on how busy the week is.


The last week of my planer I wanted to use the ‘We Are All Creative’ Kikki K materials that I purchased a few weeks ago. I really like the colour theme for this stickers with the cherry red, and light blues. I have paired these with a red glitter tape that I hardly get to use and am really happy with the results. Looking forward to coming up with ideas of what to put in the boxes I have made on the edge of some of the day to day sections.


Materials in order of appearance:


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