One day at a time


Today it has been over a month since my last blog post on my site, which I am sure is a milestone that you have noticed. I thought some of you may be missing my witty tales of tramps I have trekked or my cooking or crafting adventures that I have blundered through. The last month has been flat tack for me and as a result I haven’t had the free time to do any work on material for my two blogs.


I am really happy to announce though, that me and my partner have purchased our first home. This is what has been taking up the most time for us, with lawyers and banks and furniture shopping. Our new place is gorgeous and has been exactly what we have been trying to find for the last 6 months. I am so glad, that we no longer have to use up our Saturday mornings with house hunting.


One of the most exciting things about the property for me are the gardens, while they have run a bit rampant due to lack of care, and the fact we are now in early-winter here in New Zealand, they hold so many possibilities. I have been dreaming of all the herbs and vegetables I can grow. Have started following some youtube gardeners and purchased myself a couple of books, so I am well on my way to progress from a novice to advanced gardener!


Of course, a new house, for any blogger means new blog material! I am not sure what this will involve at this stage, but will definitely share any learnings with you along the way about gardening in a cool climate, and trying my hardest to pretend I am a proficient DIYer. When we move in my plans are to overhaul the glass house and work through the gardens bit by bit. As it is really cold we will see if the enthusiasm persists when I need to get out there on a 4 degrees celsius morning and put my frozen hand into chilly soils.

We also now have our own kitchen! Which means my tupperware and cookbooks will finally have an official place to live. I have been in my current flat since February and have got out of the habbit of reviewing my cookbook recipes for the enjoyment of my followers on Splattered Apron. I did also put on a bit of weight which has quelled the enthusiasm to do baking, so I will need to find new recipes to share with you. With winter comes slow cooking though! We have only recently brought our slow cooker back out of the depths of the cupboards, but now that it is cold I will be able to share these recipes with you.


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