One day at a time



I have done a little bit in my planner for June. Most of this I actually completed back when I was first putting together my spread for 2017. While this was helpful because I didn’t need to do much decorating this month, but have actually forgotten where some of the planners materials I used are from. I have listed the materials in order of appearance as much as I could.



For the month of June, the week by week was really a very simple layout. I wanted the layout to be mostly black and white, and see if I could be decorative with just these colours for the month of June. I overestimated how many black washi tapes I had at home, and so there was one week that I decided to go all glitzy and gold to complete the month. I didn’t do a Habit Tracker or goals for the month of June as it is really a ‘just get through it’ kind of month for me. It is the first month of winter here, and I’m going to be honest, my inspiration levels have taken a hit.


Materials in order of appearance:


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